Hajunpoistaja - SmellWell - Hajunpoistajapussi

Väri: Solid Black
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SmellWell hajunpoistajapussi

Hajunpoistajapussi raikastaa kenkäsi ja tavarasi, jotta voit käyttää niitä pidempään. Se imee kosteutta, poistaa pahaa hajua sekä ennaltaehkäisee hajujen ja bakteerien muodostumista. Laita vain tavarasi pussiin ja anna sen tehdä taikansa.

  • The first functional activity bag for people on the move.
  • Neutralizes odor, absorbs moisture and prevents the growth of bacteria.
  • SmellWell ™ membrane inside containing microporous activated moso bamboo charcoal and minerals that dehumidify and deodorize your stuff. 
  • Infused with a mild and clean scent, boosting the fresh feeling. 
  • Outer cover made of lightweight, durable and water-resistant ripstop, built to withstand day to day use. 
  • Use as a string bag - or conveniently separate dirty or moist gear from other stuff in your gym bag or luggage. 
  • Developed, designed and tested in Sweden. 100% non-toxic and REACH certified for environment and safety.
  • The full effect lasts 2 years but your freshener bag keeps working long after that. The scent will gradually fade over time. Turn inside out and recharge in the sun a couple of times per year to rejuvenate the effect.
  • Do not wash. 


  • Leveys: 33 cm
  • Pituus: 42,5 cm
  • Syvyys: 1 cm
  • Paino: 200g

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