Handtrainer - 'Grip Strengthener' - RDX - Black

🚚 Toimitus vain 9,90 €. Ilmainen toimitus 149 € tilauksille, alle 20 kg:n postipaketeille.


  • DURABILITY AND STRENGTH – Hard premium quality plastic and chrome-plated steel combine to provide a durable hand grip strengthener that helps improve grip and dexterity.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The ambidextrous contoured design fits the palm in an optimal way to maximize usability and benefits.
  • PORTABILITY – The lightweight grip strengthener is small and can be easily used while on the go.
  • MULTIFOCAL BENEFITS – The grip strengthener improves the finger dexterity for gym exercises, writing, typing, musical equipment usage, outdoor activities like rock climbing, sports like tennis, cricket, baseball, and squash.
  • PREVENTS OVER-EXTENSION – A unique lock is applied on the chrome-plated steel prongs to prevent them from over-arching and limits their range of motion for easy utility

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